Terms and Conditions

Our rules mainly serve the safety of the playing customers as well as the safeguarding of our playground apparatus, the relaxed togetherness and the easement of the workload of our staff. With By entering our premises you are acknowledging our rules. We kindly request you to read through these rules, comply with them and explain them to your children. You are required to unconditionally comply with the instructions of the operator and the staff as well! Thanks a lot! Your Nepomuks Team.

1. Video Surveillance / Accident Reports

1.1 We expressly point out the video surveillance of the entire playing- and dining area. In the baby changing room only the baby-changing table and the baby bath are being monitored. Your privacy while breastfeeding remains intact.

1.2 In case you are a victim of theft, please report the incident immediately to our staff. We most likely will have the theft on tape and will be able to help you.

1.3 In the interest of our honest customers we will press charges following every theft.

1.4 Important! Accidents are to be reported in writing to our staff. Should you due to demonstrable reasons not have been able to do so, we kindly request you to send us written notice about the accident (including the date and time) as soon as possible in the following two days, in order for us to secure possible video recordings. Accidents that are not displayed to us in such time and manner are excluded from our liabilities.

2. Clothing

2.1 For hygienic reasons socks, slipper socks or gymnastic slippers should be worn.

2.2 It is recommended for children and playing adults to wear comfortable clothes. External zippers or buttons are to be avoided in order for the playground apparatus to not be damaged.

2.3 Please remove all earrings and necklaces and avoid wearing clothes consisting cords and ropes. !Attention very dangerous!

3. Use of the playground apparatus – No summersaults! / Outdoor area

3.1 Please pay attention to the installed instructions, rules and prohibitions! The use is at your own risk and requires regard to other visitors.

3.2 You are only allowed to use the inside of the inflatable playground apparatus (Tiger, bouncing castle). You are not permitted to climb on the surrounding walls of the bouncing castle, nor climb on top of the tiger. Summersaults are life-threatening and therefore strictly prohibited! Adults are not allowed on the inflatable playground apparatus!

3.3 It is prohibited to climb on the nets of the trampoline and the FunParc.

3.4 The use of the trampoline-fields is only permitted for one person at a time. Summersaults are life-threatening and therefore strictly prohibited.

3.5 It is prohibited to jump higher than the surrounding safety nets of the trampoline.

3.6 The use of the electric karts is only permitted for two children or one adult and one small child at a time.

3.7 Walking around on the road is strictly prohibited, as is pushing around the electric cars.

3.8 The use of the small-child area is intended for toddlers and small children. Disruptive children above the age of 3 will be sent off the area by the operator, any staff-member or parents of small children.

3.9 Outdoor area: It is prohibited to climb the trees or the fence.

3.10 The outdoor is only to be entered through the sliding door. It is prohibited to use the emergency exit unless there is an existing emergency.

4. Food and drinks / Smoking / Alcohol

4.1 You have the possbility to bring your own food and beverages. 

4.2 Chewing bubble gum is prohibited.

4.3 The consumption of food and drinks is intended for the dining area only. Carrying and consuming in the playing area is strictly prohibited.

4.4 Dear smokers: Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the building. We kindly request you to smoke in the designated smoking area only.

4.5 Dear Guests: We kindly request you to consume alcohol responsibly. Noticeably inebriated customers will be removed from the premises.

5. Behaviour / Damages

5.1 Bad behaviour such as scratching, biting and hitting etc. will not be tolerated. Supervising parents are invited to prevent such behavior. The operator and any staff-members are entitled to give warnings to children and in the event of repeated offence ban them from playing. In serious cases the operator and any staff-members reserve the right to remove concerned parties off the premises.

5.2 In the case of damages Nepomuks Kinderwelt is entitled to claim damages if a party can be accused of culpability. We kindly request you to give us notice to corresponding cases, so we can contact the liability insurance of your child.

5.3 Supervising parents are obliged to prevent deliberate destruction and vandalism of their children. In the case of a breach of this obligation, parents accept liability for the resulting damages.

5.4 No liability is accepted in case of damages to clothing during the use of our playing apparatus.

6. Supervisory obligation / Release and limitations of liability

6.1 Supervisory obligation and care giving responsibilities are restricted to the parents or the respective accompanying adults.

6.2 DThe operator as well as the staff are in no way obliged to take supervisory obligations or care giving responsibilities. This will also apply if the operator is hosting a special promotion (e.g. crafting etc.).

6.3 AEven staff-members supervising individual playground apparatus are in no way obliged to take supervisory obligations or care giving responsibilities.

7. Capacity limitation / Wardrobe / Lost and found items

7.1 If all seats are taken the operator reserves the right to limit the access to the premises. With waiting periods is to be calculated.

7.2 The operator reserves the right to hold seats for stop-over customers or customers with already purchased tickets.

7.3 The payment of the entrance fee is no guaranty for a seat. If possible, we will try to inform you accordingly beforehand.

7.4 The operator assumes no liability for the loss of, theft of and/or damage to clothing or other valuables left at the customer’s seat.

7.5 Lost and found items are transferred to the local lost and found office in regular intervals.

8. The following individuals are not granted access

8.1 Adults without children (except for later family members).

8.2 People with exclusion from the property.

8.3 People in precarious condition (e.g. strongly inebriated).

8.4 Visitors with contagious diseases or open sores.

9. Severability Clause:

Should individual terms of this Agreement be ineffective or lose their effectiveness due to later circumstances or should a loophole emerge in this Agreement, the legal effectiveness of the other provisions are not affected.

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