Our Menu

In the process of thoughtfully preparing responsible food we go without the use of food coloring and artificial flavors. We will gladly give out information concerning the ingredients of our food, particularly towards people allergic to gluten or lactose in order to offer suitable dishes just for you. We update our menu weekly with new special dishes and prepare homemade cakes and pies several times a week.

Our Classics:

Bockwurst (beef/pork) with Bread (1,5,8,E-A)3,907,40
Bockwurst (beef/pork) with French Fries (1,5,8,E-)5,4010,40
Currywurst (beef/pork) with Bread (1,5,8,A,E-A)4,908,40
Currywurst (beef/pork) with French Fries (1,5,8,A,E-)6,4011,40
Chicken Nuggets with French Fries (6,A-)4,908,90
Schnitzel with French Fries (A,B-) 6,4011,40
Tarte flambée var. sorts (1,5,A,D- / 1,5,A,D,M- / A,D,H,I- / 5,A,D-)7,90
Iglo Fishfingers with Mashed Potatoes (5,A-5,A,B,D,E) 4,908,90
Calamari with garlicsauce (2,5,8,9,I,N,M-D)5,9010,90

Pasta for everybody:

Spaghetti tossed in Butter (A-M) 3,906,40
Spaghetti Napoli (A-)4,407,90
Spaghetti Bolognese (A-A,E)5,409,90
Spätzle with Sauce (beef) (AB-A) 4,407,90
Cheese-Spätzle (A,B-D) 6,9011,90

French Fries:

McCain French Fries2,504,50
McCain French Fries Ketchup/Mayo (-E/2,5,B,L)2,805,10
McCain French Fries with beef-sauce (-A) 2,805,10
Pack of Ketchup/Mayo/Mustard (E/2,5,B,L/)0,30


Ham/Cheese Baguette scalloped (1,5,8,E/D-A,D) 4,90
Tomato/Cheese Baguette scalloped (/D-A,D) 4,90
Ham/Cheese Baguette (1,5,8,E/D-A,D) 4,90


Sausage Salad with Bread (1,5,8,E,L-A)5,409,90
"Alsatian" Sausage Salad with Bread (1,5,8,E,L/D-A)5,9010,90
Mixed Salad4,407,90
Mixed Salad with Turkey Breast5,9010,90
Italian Salad (-1,5,8,E/D)5,409,90
Greek Salad5,409,90


per Piece
Homemade Marble Cake (A,B,D,J,K) 1,50
Homemade Cake div. Sorts (A,B,D,K) 2,10

1 with Preservatives, 2 with Coloring Agent, 3 sulfurated, 4 blackened, 5 with Antioxidant, 6 with Sweetener,
7 with Phenylalanines, 8 with Flavor enhancer, 9 Phosphates
A Cereals containing gluten, B Eggs, C Peanuts, D Milk, E Celery, F Sesame, G Lupine, H Crustaceans,
I Fish, J Sojabeans, K Nuts, L Mustard, M Sulphur, N Molluscs
Presentation: Main Food-Side Dish