List of Drinks


Alcohol-free Drinks

Soft Drinks0,3l0,5l
Coca-Cola (2,10)2,103,00
Coca-Cola zero (2,6,10) 2,103,00
Fanta Orange (2,5)2,103,00
Mezzo Mix (2,5,10)2,103,00
Nestea Icetea Lemon (5) 2,103,00
Bionade Elderberries2,70
Bionade Ginger-Orange2,70
Bionade Herbs2,70
Bionade Lychee2,70
Bionade Scattered Meadow Fruit2,70
Juice and Water0,3l0,5l
Table Water1,502,20
Lieler Mineral Water medium1,802,70
Lieler Mineral Water still1,802,70
Lieler Spritzer Natur Pur2,103,00
Lieler Sport-Grape Spritzer3,00
Lieler Mineral & Fruit Cassis3,00
Lieler Vital & Fruit A-C-E3,00
Jacoby Orange Juice2,504,20
Jakoby Apple Juice nature-cloudily2,504,20

Beer and Wine

Rothaus Alcohol-free Zäpfle 0,33l2,30
Rothaus Tannenzäpfle 0,33l2,30
Rothaus Shandy Zäpfle (5,7) 0,33l2,30
Rothaus Yeast Wheat Zäpfle 0,33l2,30
Hügelheimer Frizzo Prosecco 0,75l17,50
Hügelheimer Nobling Dry Piccolo 0,2l6,50
Hügelheimer Cremant Brut3,9023,50
Hügelheimer Grauburgunder Kab. Dry4,60
Hügelheimer Höllberg Spätburgunder Dry5,40
Wine Spritzer White (Gutedel Dry)2,80
Wine Spritzer Red (Spätburgunder Dry)3,20

Hot Beverages


GetränkSmall CupLarge CupGlass
Espresso (10)2,40
Espresso Double (10)3,90
Coffee (10)2,403,90
Cappuccino (10,D)2,704,20
White Coffee (10,D)3,30
Latte Macchiato (10,D)3,30
Hot Chocolate Brown (D,K)3,30
Hot Chocolate White (D,K)3,30
Chocochino (10,D,K)3,30
Hot Milk (D)2,40
Cold Milk (D)2,40
Meßmer Tea var. sorts (10)2,40

Monster Slush

Monster Slush var. sorts (1,2,M)1,90

1 with preservatives, 2 with coloring agent, 3 sulfurated, 4 blackened, 5 with Antioxidant, 6 with sweetener,
7 with phenylalanines, 8 with flavor enhancer, 9 Phosphates, 10 Caffeine
A Cereals containing gluten, B Eggs, C Peanuts, D Milk, E Celery, F Sesame, G Lupine, H Crustaceans,
I Fish, J Sojabeans, K Nuts, L Mustard, M Sulphur, N Molluscs