Ice-Cream Menu


Type of Ice-CreamPrice
Kinder Ice Cream Stick (D,J) 1,00
Capri (2)1,30
Flutschfinger (2)1,30
Kinder Ice Cream Sandwich (A,D)1,30
Calippo Strawberry & Vanilla (D)1,50
Calippo Cola (2)1,50
PushUp Haribo (5,6,D,J)1,60
Calippo Shots (2,5,6,7,D)1,60
Solero Strawberry Smoothie (D)1,60
Cornetto Bottermelk (A,D)1,80
Kinder Ice Cream Bueno (A,B,D,J,K) 1,80
Nogger Classic (A,D,J)1,80
Konfekt (2,D,J)1,80
Gelato Minions (B,C,D)1,80
Magnum Classic (2,D,J)2,50
Magnum White (2,D)2,50
Magnum Almond (2,D,K) 2,50

1 with preservatives, 2 with coloring agent, 3 sulfurated, 4 blackened, 5 with Antioxidant, 6 with sweetener,
7 with phenylalanines, 8 with flavor enhancer, 9 Phosphates
A Cereals containing gluten, B Eggs, C Peanuts, D Milk, E Celery, F Sesame, G Lupine, H Crustaceans,
I Fish, J Sojabeans, K Nuts, L Mustard, M Sulphur, N Molluscs